After 8:30 Mint

Shades of creme de menthe combine with Belgian dark chocolate chunks and a hint of creme de cacao to create a surprisingly refreshing, yet rich, after dinner marshmallow.

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Burnt Caramel Marshmallows
Burnt Caramel

Creamy marshmallow laced with our very own homemade burnt caramel sauce – a deliciously rich and full bodied toffee taste which melts in the mouth.

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Chocolate Orange Marshmallows
Chocolate Orange

The sublimeness of sultry Belgian dark chocolate combined with an unmistakable orangey tang. The two work in perfect harmony together and this is definitely one marshmallow to savour slowly.

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Coconut and Lime

Toasted coconut and lime marshmallows, made with lime juice, lime zest and coconut cream. Finished off with lightly toasted dessicated coconut. A real tropical marshmallowy treat which combines the creaminess of coconut and the zinginess of lime.

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Lemon Meringue Marshmallows
Lemon Meringue

Remember the lemon meringue pie that mother used to make? Well this is the fluffy marshmallow equivalent. Soft and pillowy marshmallow with a zingy lemon curd filling, topped with crushed pieces of meringue – the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

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Mocha Choca Chunk Marshmallows
Mocha Choca Chunk

Deliciously chocolatey marshmallows choc full (haha!) of 100% cocoa powder, Harries Columbian Coffee and topped with Harries Coffee Chocolate. They have me drooling already…

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Raspberry Eton Mess
Raspberry Eton Mess

Juicy raspberry purée whipped into fluffy marshmallow with a crunchy topping of crushed meringue.

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Turkish Delight Marshmallows
Turkish Delight

Evoking Far Eastern promise this marshmallow combines delicate rosewater with warm cardamom spices, topped off with chopped green pistachios.

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Vanilla Chocolate Chip Marshmallows
Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Our classic vanilla marshmallow peppered with Belgian dark chocolate chips. The sweetness of the marshmallow is balanced by the rich velvetiness of the chocolate and melts beautifully in the mouth.

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Very Vanilla Marshmallows
Very Vanilla

Classic vanilla marshmallows infused with Madagascan vanilla essence. Perfect on their own, on top of a rich hot chocolate or roasted over a roaring camp fire.

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